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Unsure if scam or mixup. Need other input on from experienced buyers.

My boyfriend and I recently got into mining and planned to start small and get bigger. We saw that had a Canada Day sale with free shipping and a sale on Antminer U2 units, so thought that it would be a good place to start with minimal investment. So we dropped $60 on 3 units, received a confirmation email and could check the status on the website.
A few days after that though, I received an email from them saying that they had over sold the U2 units and asked if I would rather the option of: a) a full refund. b)wait 1-2 weeks for the units to restock for shipping. or c) to change my order to another item on their site using the already paid money as a credit towards the purchase.
We opted to wait for the U2 units (as they were $20 a piece), and sent them an email immediately.
almost 2 weeks went by without word back from them before my boyfriend noticed that the U2 units on their site were in-stock. So we sent them another email inquiring on the status of our shipment and within 2 hours we received 2 emails. an email confirmation of shipping and one stating that they apologize for the delay and asking if we received confirmation that the shipment was sent. We responded that we received confirmation and that we were happy with the timeliness.
That was the last time we had heard from them.
Within a week we received the package, but upon opening the package, there were 3 units, but all of them were U1 units, Not U2.
We immediately emailed them inquiring as to what could have happened and if there was any way to remedy the situation. However, that was over a day ago and we have not received word from them in any way.
Their website is only 4 months old, about as old as their Reddit User account u/bitcoinware .
TL;DR Paid for 3 U2 Antminers from BitcoinWare, received 3 U1 units after asking what happened to our order.
Has anyone else had similar experiences with this seller or any sellers like this? If so, what happened? and what do?
Edit: Finally heard back from BitcoinWare.
We received your emails and contact form submission, sorry for the delay in responding. The U1/U2 are the same thing. They both use the same chips and can achieve the same hash-rate in our testing with the same settings. The only difference is the shape of the heatsink. Since the factory does not make this product any longer, they were shipping both types in the same batch just with different heatsinks for the last shipment.
Please note it states on the product page: "The color and the shape of the heat-sink and product appearance may vary slightly from the pictures."
If you are not satisfied, you can return the products for a refund. Alternatively we can provide you a discount for future orders if there is a problem with the products you received. Please let us know how you would like to proceed.
Best regards, BitcoinWare
...Pretty sure this is a scam now...
What I got.
What they are advertising.
Receipt that came in the envelope with miners
So BitcoinWare has sent me an email saying that they would be willing to offer a full refund with the option of keeping the units because I was unsatisfied with what I had received. The reason is due to the information they were provided by their supplier, so they did not intentionally misrepresent their product as U2s. Previous clients apparently where fine with what they received so it had never been an issue for them before.
I've replied asking to settle instead on $6 off the total order ($2 a unit) for the cost of purchasing proper heatsinks for the units and materials to attach them so that I'll be able to get the 2GH/s promised on their site. I have yet to hear back.
I think in the long run I don't believe that these people are a scam, but it's probably best to get confirmation of product prior to shipping in the future.
Final edit: They sent me a $10 refund so I can buy heatsinks so that's all settled with.
TL;DR: Though their supplier sounds sketchy, BitcoinWare is not a scam and are just really slow at getting back to you. Confirm before ordering, but you will get products.
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Will this help?

I ordered a antminer U1 and it's going to arrive by the end of this month, since dogecoin runs on scrypt and not on sha256, I have to use that device to mine bitcoins. But my main question is: Would it help dogecoin if everything I would mine with that device would be converted back to dollars and use those dollars to buy dogecoins?
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Holy WOW! This is such cool. I'm hooked! What do I do now? Where to start? OMG to the moon. Yippie Yippie

Hi Shibes....
I just found out about doge coin and I'm so pumped....WOW....SUCH....THIS IS AWESOME. I had no idea you could mine coins on a PC. the moon. Awesome!
Guys....I can't even think straight because I feel like I've been reborn. I have a new life with doge coin! God dang it....this is such cool. Where do I start? At the moon? (lol joke)
No serious though....I'm pumped up and wanna started mining. How do I do it? I'm using a 2010 Mac Pro desktop. How do I get this thing mining?
God dammit...I can't think straight because I'm so excited. This is my new hobby you guys. I'm so happy to be apart of this community. Whats the best way to contribute here? Shibes?
I was looking on ebay for a "acis miner" and I found this. It's a miner in my price range. Should I buy it shiberinos?
Thanks for all the help. I finally feel like my life has meaning. This is so dang awesome. Yeeeahhh baby.....I'm back in the saddle.
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Should You Buy An Antminer S9 BITCOIN MINER In 2019? - YouTube

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