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You will need to know the model and vendor of the CPUs in your machine. Once you have that, you can look up on the vendor's website (or maybe on Wikipedia) the clock rate, number of chips/sockets, number of cores per chip, number of floating point operations per cycle, and the vector width of those operations. I want to measure the ammount of floating point and arithmetic operations executed by some application with 'perf', the new command line interface command to the linux performance counter subsystem. (For testing purposes I use a simple dummy app which I created, see below). Nsight Visual Studio Edition 2.1 and Above. The information you requested is available if you collect Achieved FLOPS experiment and Memory Statistics - Buffers experiment.. Visual Profiler 4.2 and Above. Achieved Bandwidth: When mouse over a kernel in the Timeline this information the information is available in the Properties Pane under Memory\DRAM Utilization. Time(s) GFlops Residual Residual(norm) Check 1000 1000 4 0.014 46.5838 1.165068e-12 3.973181e-02 pass 1000 1000 4 0.010 64.7319 1.165068e-12 3.973181e-02 pass 1000 1000 4 0.009 77.3583 1.165068e-12 3.973181e-02 pass 1000 1000 4 0.010 67.0096 1.165068e-12 3.973181e-02 pass 2000 2000 4 0.064 83.6177 5.001027e-12 4.350281e-02 pass 2000 2000 4 0 ... The ODROID-N2 officially supports Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Android 9 Pie BSPs at this time though it's likely more Linux distributions will be supporting the N2 as the year progresses. The Ubuntu 18.04 LTS AArch64 image for the ODROID-N2 is using a Linux 4.9-based kernel. Figure 5 - top top view with emm card installed

[index] [3000] [16455] [5705] [21201] [26899] [34339] [32787] [4811] [23286] [9837]

Mining Bitcoin di Linux Menggunakan M7MHASH WORK!!!

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