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Massive List of BSV Apps (please comment for new ones or updates/errors etc...)

🔗 means app lives on-chain. i.e. the app/content is hosted on the blockchain, something we take great pride in with BSV.

Block Explorers




Financial Services

Gaming & Entertainment


Onchain Storage

Search Engines

Merchants & Services

Freeview Video / Radio / Podcasts

Tried to list prominent channels, open to all ideas but don't want channels with 3 subscribers and 2 videos. Show your Proof of Work!

Streamanity Video Channels

TODO. Think it is important to separate Freeview (Youtube etc..) from Streaminity, for new people to the space who don't have BSV.


Credit: For initial list and some jim-btc webscraping ;) Pastebin here (to easily reply to any reddit post about lack of apps):
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[Wanted] A web developer for a small Bitcoin idea: "The dice wallet". Please give feedback!

I have an idea but I can't code it myself, so I'm giving it away to anyone who has got the web coding skills.
Dice Wallet
Make a website that can generate a valid address pair based on dice throws.
  1. User is requested to throw one or many dice and input the results clicking on buttons ranging from 1 to 6
  2. Transform the input into Hexadecimal numbers using this chart or an equally valid method.
  3. Generate a valid Bitcoin key pair.
I've already generated some dice addresses and I like them because I feel I can trust this type of RNG. Unfortunately not many people know about this possibility and I've always had to write down the results first and then copy them to Wallet Details.
It would be awesome if there was a simple website that can be downloaded and used offline where one just has to keep clicking on buttons from 1 to 6.
What do you think? Would you like to try out a "dice address" yourself?
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How to Create a Bitcoin Paper Wallet Using Bitaddress

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