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Fastest and easiest way without a minimum purchase or high fees for customers to obtain NANO? (USA)

Hello Nano community,
Some of you may know me from /nanotrade or elsewhere, I generally am bullish on NANO and try to do my part to help spread adoption and awareness. I also run several e-commerce websites utilizing the open source Zen-Cart as my back end. Lately, and not so lately but in general, I have encountered issues with various payment processors (which actually led me to Nano in the first place, as well as a general interest in Cryptocurrency).
While there are solutions to dealing with the more stringent regulations enforced by payment processing companies, many of these require my customers to download third party apps or sign up for third party services. Not too dissimilar to how Paypal requests a user to be logged in before sending a payment in fact. Anyways, so while setting up my websites again today after losing another payment processor over the weekend, I have come to the decision, why not try and introduce my customer base to Nano and present it less so as a cryptocurrency, but more so as a digital decentralized payment solution? I have tried accepting cryptocurrencies before, however many of my customers, at least for my main e-commerce website are older and not so tech oriented. Just seeing that I accepted "Cryptocurrency" and "Bitcoin" as an option was enough to scare some of these people away. Ironically, I noticed more sales when I completely removed this payment option and all mentions of it from my website. Funny how that works.
Anyways, since I am in the middle of setting up additional payment methods, I figured now would be a good time to attempt the above with Nano, and offer a link on the "Pay with Nano" page during the check-out process for my customers to decide if they would like to try it out. My only concern, many of these people being older and technophobic, is that the process for obtaining the Nano they want to spend may be too much work and not something they would be interested in. Especially if it involves things like scanning IDs or providing more information than a simple credit or debit card number and a name. Ideally, this would be the only information they need to provide, with the ability to purchase any amount (most orders placed are between $25-$100), without paying an outrageous fee (which I will offer an incentive to cover for anyways I think). An instant transfer would also be a prerequisite. Something as fast as it takes to sign up for Cash App for example.
So, am I asking too much? Do such services exist yet in the US?
Quick rundown:
-Low fees
-No minimum or low minimum
-Non-invasive signup process
-No wait
Another thing worth mentioning, and hopefully this can provide the right people with an idea which I think could really help improve Nano adoption if implemented, was that I noticed some competitors of mine are accepting something called "PMC Coin", which is claimed to be a gold backed cryptocurrency. The gold bit is not important I do not think. What is impressive however, is that these vendors are able to provide this crypto as an option during the checkout process, and upon hitting submit, the customer is brought to the PMC Coin website, where they are presented with a form for purchasing this crypto. I have not tried going further than this, but the form contains all the required fields for a credit and debit purchase, as well as the price for the purchase being exactly what the price was for the requested items during the check-out on the forwarding website. It appears that upon purchase, the credit/debit card payment is sent to the PMC Coin sellers, and the PMC Coin in an equivalent amount is sent to the vendor. I assume the fees are offloaded onto the vendor at this point. While I have no interest in this asset in the slightest, I have to commend them on this solution, and I really hope we can see something like this emerge from the Nano community. It could be the killer app we have all been waiting for to spur adoption perhaps.
I will essentially be manually doing something like this for my customers, albeit with links and instructions, however as mentioned, the more streamlined the process is, the better. I am sure they will have an easy enough time with Natrium, and I am excited to introduce some new people into the space. But most of all I just want a simple ability to be able to keep my shop online without having to bow down to the banks and their petty requests as to what products should or should not be sold. None of us should have to deal with the Soup Nazi, be us merchants or consumers.
Thank you for your time and interest, and remember, stay bullish!
Spreads I have found so-far:
CoinGate: 100 Nano = $114.76 vs. $97.44 USDT (Binance) [$17.32 fee] [$50 minimum] (Simplex)
Atomic Wallet: 100 Nano = $115 vs. $98.40 USDT (Binance) [$16.60 fee] [$50 minimum] (Simplex) Claims 3.5% fee, requires government photo ID, 2-3 day confirmation 100 Nano = $117 vs. $99.28 USDT (Binance) [$17.72 fee] [$63 minimum] (Simplex) 100 Nano = $119 vs. $114 USDT (Binance) [$5 fee] [$63 minimum] KYC is intensive but not too crazy. 2 Minute verification too. Definitely the best option so far. Only problem is the minimum purchase.
Going to try next and the Brave browser, which I think uses Binance as a backend anyways.
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Seems like a good candidate for a 10 X or 20 X ?

CoinMetro (XCM) is currently sitting at ~350K market cap and rank 1220.
It’s an exchange registered in the EU (Estonia) and started by a guy called Kevin Murcko, who is fairly well-known in the financial services world and a board member at the European Crypto Association.
CoinMetro’s strategy seems to be to build an exchange with really nice UX/UI, particularly with a view to making crypto accessible for newbies. One of the things that got me excited is that they’ve implemented a similar idea to eToro’s copytrader (they call it “Trade Mirror”) – meaning you can allocate funds to automatically copying the positions that more experienced traders open. It’s essentially a way to remove the barriers to entry for people who don’t have the time, knowledge or experience to manage a crypto portfolio for themselves. This is something that allowed eToro to grow very rapidly (they recently hit 12M active users in 140 countries) – it gives ordinary people exposure to markets they wouldn’t otherwise have the ability to trade. (NB, you already can trade a few top-20 cryptos on eToro, so it’s not a totally untapped market).
Coinmetro also seem to be experimenting with the mechanics of placing orders to try to make it less daunting - so you can buy via “Simplex” which is essentially Uniswap (just bang in what you want and off you go), you can choose “Express” for a normal exchange experience, or “Pro” to add in features like margin trading, indicators, advanced charting, etc. If you go check out the exchange you can see they’re trying to do something fresh and engaging with it. It’s not quite there yet, but hey, ~350K market cap and early days.
Other stuff to note… it’s a fully licensed Fiat on-and-off ramp (licenses are here and here); they do 24/7 support chat (which I’ve used, and it’s actually good)… token economics are pretty sensible, with 330M max supply (only about 8.5m in circulation). Much like BNB, the token gets you discounts on trading fees, but you do it by locking up the token (which will promote scarcity) and there’s a smart contract in place that automatically market-buys XCM using all of the exchange fees they collect (i.e. there’s a perpetual buyback in place). In other words, demand for the token scales with demand for the exchange. XCM tokens bought in this way are locked up for 4 years.
What else… they’ve managed to accrue a decent enough grass-roots following so far with about 4k on Twitter, 3.5K on Facebook, 1K on LinkedIn. There’s 24 team members listed on LinkedIn, who all seem to be human people (they’re currently recruiting more). The CEO does weekly AMAs in the Telegram; he does quite a bit of public speaking and appears on crypto vlogs like Bloxlive fairly regularly. The native iOS and Android apps were just released, with and are well-rated so far (4.6 out of 5). There’s over 200 articulate, well-researched blog posts on the site itself, and about 50 on their Medium. The 2020 roadmap is here and worth a look.
In my opinion, they’ve mostly been held back by poor timing so far. They started to promote the product just before the bottom fell out of the market in 2018 (their ICO opened 11th December, less than a month before the 6th January crash). They still raised $15 million, and have apparently still got plenty of gas in the tank (their last accounts filing shows $6.5 million). Oh, and the fact you can only buy XCM on Coinmetro itself right now! Volume is currently pretty shocking, but the roadmap covers some of the ways they’re planning to grow it (B2B outreach, ambassador programme, new marketing director)
I mean, in a market where whitepapers regularly get 100m valuations, I see absolutely no reason this can’t 10X or 20X. As an example of a "lesser-known" exchange, KuCoin Shares (KCS) is currently at 100M market cap, which would be a 250X from here. In the last bull run, KuCoin hit $1.8 billon market cap – which would be a like a… 4000 X ?
I mean, this seems to me like the definition of a moonshot. Tiny market cap, huge upside, good fundamentals, asymmetric risk profile.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk. What do you think?
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Atomic Wallet; Let's Get Bitcoin with Our Credit Card!

Atomic Wallet; Let's Get Bitcoin with Our Credit Card!
Hello Everyone! I feel so lucky today. I finally discovered a wallet that understands me. And I understand Atomic too.
Atomic wallet; do not look at the words "user-friendly" in quotation marks. I put it in quotes to get your attention. Atomic wallet is a gorgeous wallet design. I want to write this definition for Atomic wallet with both dark and big letters.


You may think I'm exaggerating, but those who have met Atomic wallet before are understanding and smiling.
Let me tell you my story from the beginning. When I first met blockchain technology, I was dazzled by what extraordinary technology could do. I was very impressed with revolutionary innovations such as P2P, distributed ledger technology, artificial intelligence algorithms, smart contracts, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data. I believe that digital money is our future, like everyone else affected by blockchain technology. I also wanted to buy crypto-money and be a crypto-money investor. Then don't ask — a real disappointment. As a user of crypto living in Turkey, it is almost impossible to buy crypto-money from one of the well-known Turkish sites with your debit card. It was also a nightmare to buy, and trade any digital currency with your traditional lira.
There were many blockchains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, and Stellar. Many projects were launched every day. Almost every project opened its wallet. It was hard to go to the stock markets to trade with these coins and tokens, to make crypto-money that I wanted to save, to keep tens of public and private keys of the wallets. It was supposed to be a computer programmer, not a computer user. This is my complaint about the difficulty of handling and the complexity of the process. Besides, many stock markets don't give you your private key. You deliver all your personal information and the private key of your wallet to the stock exchange authorities. Hacking events or the negligence of the stock market workers can cause you to suffer a lot of damage at a time. Central stock markets are spooky. Finally, the commissions they receive during the transaction will cause you to get 20% more expensive each coin.
I'm sure those of you who haven't studied computer technology like me have understood me. I can write a book enough to tell me what happened to a coin I want to invest in. But it's not what I want to say to you. I want to talk about Atomic wallet, the one I just met today, who saved me from these troubles. Today I want to write a few words for the atomic wallet I encountered while researching to buy bitcoin. I'il tell you about the bitcoin purchase experience I've been through.


First of all, it's a non-centralized wallet. It's crucial for security. A stock market supports up to (more than 300) coins. It only opens with the password you know. And private key is yours. Atomic wallet; wallet, stock market, and exchange platform. It has an excellent user-friendly interface (I'll show you the screen outputs at the bottom), not just the desktop, but also the mobile application options if you want to. Before further ado, I'll show you a short video that teaches me how to get Bitcoin. I have done the process efficiently with what is said in the video. Once you watch, You will not make mistakes in the process, and your fear will disappear, I promise.

Now I'd like to share with you the adventure of getting Bitcoin with Atomic wallet. Should we start by downloading atomic wallet first? You can download your friendly atomic friend to your computer by pressing hereI start by opening my Atomic wallet on the desktop.
On this page, you can easily open your wallet with your password. With all the ease and helpfulness of Atomic wallet:
All you must do here is press the Buy crypto tab from the menu on the left. The following screen will appear to you.
If you examine the screen on the left, you write how much USD you want to invest for the bitcoin. I tried to buy a $ 100 bitcoin. On this screen, I want to tell you about the Simplex platform, which you will see in the bottom left. Simplex, a strategic partner of atomic wallet, is an EU licensed card processing company.
When you want to get bitcoin, you need to introduce yourself to the system and provide your billing information when you are trading for the first time. After submitting your e-mail and phone number to Simplex, you will be presented with the payment screen.
After this screen, you need to do KYC to protect yourself from illegal activities such as dirty money or terrorist financing. You only do this once, and then the system recognizes you. Do you worry about giving your data and bank card information here? Let me immediately explain that simplex works with an EU license and your personal data are secured.
It's that easy. No money transfer to exchange sites through banks. Don't buy bitcoin with high commissions on the stock market. Then don't move those Bitcoins paying the transfer fee back to their wallet. And with more than 300 coins and tokens, we have it now. The stock market is waiting for us in our digital wallet. The transaction fee is only 2%.


I'm not making investment recommendations for this project. However, I would recommend that you use our atomic friend. Atomic on the Binance DeX stock market. Whether Atomic Wallet's the iOS or Android app for your phone, or the desktop app, you can always experience the atomic wallet. You will understand that you have encountered one of the most robust projects.
Written By: N.ipek Celik
naz14: 0x3b19a4a034fd3687ba803a18f677927893dfeff
1.Note: As soon as you start trading in your wallet, there's an online help box that offers help from the bottom right corner of your screen, which is very comforting.
2.Note: I am adding links to guide you to download the wallet below and purchase the most preferred coins. I wish you all plenty of earnings.

Useful Links:

Atomic Wallet:
Buy Bitcoin -
Buy Litecoin -
Buy Ethereum -
Buy Ripple -
Buy Bitcoin Cash -
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Simplex safe to use?

I am very new to Bitcoin, just set up a wallet on my desktop with armory and one on my phone with mycelium. Just started looking at options to buying coins... And it is overwhelming!
I like the idea of, but have to get some coins elsewhere first. Through the mycelium app I hit the buy/sell button, then credit card, and it redirects you to simplex where you can just enter how much you want to buy. The minimum is $50, and while I definitely will buy more I wanted to make sure this was an established vendor.
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